Wireframes Administration Tools: Online Banking Customization

Clients purchased a financial software solution that allowed them to offer up a robust Online Banking product. A goal for the newest version of the product (2013) was to allow for customization of every aspect of display.

I developed a solution that modeled UX best practices - this is what we'd recommend your configuration look like - but that allowed for customization from clients. We understood that people administering the banking product might only touch it for the initial set up and then annually afterward. There were few if any power users and flexibility was critical.

My Personal Contributions

  • Worked with clients to identify areas of interest and concern around customizing and maintaining their banking products, including understanding common retail customer complaints
  • Conducted heuristic reviews of existing product and benchmarked usability (using SUS)
  • Surveyed competitive products and developed a marketplace analysis
  • Employed complexity measurements on existing and competitor products to help drive towards simplicity
  • Created personas for typical users and identified key workflows to support
  • Collaborated with business owner to help define goals: reduce retail customer calls, ease administrative burden for clients, and improve System Usability Scale rating over existing product
  • Created solutions that allowed banking administrators to quickly configure, customize and update their online banking product by using progressive disclosure to break down the steps