Addressing Support Pages: Turning a Work Horse into a Show Horse

  • Driven by triangulation with customer support team, page analytics, and social media managers - identified where people looked for help and found it lacking
  • Mobile-first look for Support pages allows for faster scanning
  • Added visuals help people orient and find contextual support for their questions
  • Combined complicated and different sections to better align to people's mental models
  • Provided examples and context to reduce customer service calls by better addressing common issues
  • Simplify interaction patterns and navigation to eliminate confusing sub-menus

FAQs provide service for all customers

The BzzAgent FAQs and support section was heavy on text and not easy to scan. The team determined that while it was not a sexy or high-profile project, redesigning this section to better support BzzAgents would help reduce calls to customer support and frustration among our members. 

Nielsen Reminds Us of the Value of FAQs

The first step was conducting a content audit to see what we did and did not cover. We collaborated closely with the customer support team and social media managers to identify where people got hung up in their BzzAgent experience.  We rewrote the entire section, identified helpful ways to illustrate concepts, and I redesigned the interactions by eliminating confusing patterns and leveraging some existing interaction patterns more effectively.

New approach yields positive results

In the new design we leveraged Nielsen's suggestions when designing a FAQ. Now people can quickly scan a list of topics to find what they are looking for. By employing clear language, color coding and visual cues it's easier to find answers than ever. Nobody wants to consult a FAQ or Support section - but if you're there you want to find answers quickly. In subsequent usability studies the new design performed very well and it has been iterated further as we've explored a BzzAgent and Advocacy Platform redesign for 2015.