The Orchard at Tesco Advocacy Platform 

  • Created a mobile-first experience for new Word-of-Mouth advocacy platform
  • Enabled members to participate in curated Tesco experiences based on member preferences
  • Developed clear feedback loops between Orchard members and Tesco
  • Pulled together a new team to deliver this project on time and on budget
  • Orchard's successful launch generated positive press and an IGD award nomination

My Contributions

  • Led the cross-functional creative team
  • Collaborated with stakeholders to identify and meet business goals
  • Created all the wireframes, information architecture, and the overall platform UX 
  • Conducted research with Orchard users
  • Provided leadership and support to my team around content strategy and visual design

Capturing Hearts and Minds

Tesco was repositioning itself in the marketplace and wanted to leverage social Word of Mouth marketing to learn more about what their customers wanted and needed from the retailer. By asking members about their interests and needs, Tesco was able to offer up hand-picked products and experiences to members to try (either at a significant discount or free). In return, Orchard members shared their honest feedback about their experiences.

Mobile-First Experience

Our biggest challenge was to work within the overall global brand guidelines for Tesco and to deliver a mobile-first experience. Using responsive design, we created mobile wireframes first and built desktop pages later. This approach helped us develop a more visual and less text-heavy experience that was more engaging on both mobile and desktop platforms. Our learnings from The Orchard heavily informed our future design plans for our other platforms.

Test, Learn and Iterate

In the year since the platform launched my team conducted additional research including formal usability studies with members in addition to numerous surveys. By working with the customer service team we've been able to triangulate further and identify additional areas for improvement in the overall Orchard experience. We've conducted experiments with email notifications, alerts, voice and tone, content structure and more. In 2015 we are planning additional enhancements based on our extensive research.