Persona Development: Potential Customer Gail

  • Validate straw man personas using extensive interviews
  • Analyze findings and provide direction for next steps
  • Leverage research findings to identify new persona

User Goals Become Clear

his persona is a result of research I conducted as part of a larger Web site redesign project.

The stakeholders had developed some rough personas to better understand how to target content for those users. My job was to interview users, analyze their responses and validate the existing straw man personas. 

Identified new customer group

This persona, Gail, emerged as a new user group. She represents the company's prospective customers. Her needs relate to access to information, autonomy, and ascertaining the trustworthiness of a firm.  She makes this initial assessment in a few short minutes.

What hurdles must a person overcome to get into business with a new entity? Answering this question helped to better clarify the user goals and informed design decisions around content strategy and information architecture.  

Based on the research findings and analysis, the other straw man personas were consolidated and the team focused attention on meeting Gail's specific needs.