Expert Review: Error Message Translator 

  • Create clear instruction and workflow for users
  • Simplify visual organization focus users on task
  • Deliver a flexible solution that supports localization

Clarify Workflow

This project is the output of an expert review I conducted on an internally developed tool used for translating error messages during QA reviews. 

I worked closely with the developers and the users of the tool to understand their needs and expectations for it. After gathering their requirements and clarifying their needs, I conducted an heuristic review where I determined the scope, frequency and severity of the issues. 

Support All Users

I outlined a series of recommendations for the developer team that could be easily implemented to better support users including: creating a more favorable contrast ratio to reduce eye fatigue, organizing information in a more logical workflow, grouping information and labeling it clearly and appropriately.

I created working mid-fidelity prototypes to highlight the changes for the development team. In addition to providing prototypes, I developed a content strategy for including instructional text and naming features.