CVS Specialty Landing Experience - Overhaul to support People

  • Identify business goals and bring them into alignment with patient and caretaker goals
  • Clarify and simplify the messages and experiences
  • Deliver Mobile-first experience to support patients and caretakers

Newly diagnosed patients may be emotionally distraught and stressed out when they arrived at the website. They needed to understand how to get started with their treatment.


CVS Specialty: Before 

A utilitarian site that did not make clear to new patients what they needed to do to start their care and treatment after a diagnosis.

Specialty Patients are usually managing serious and chronic diseases that require complex and expensive treatment.


CVS Specialty: After

The new design is a mobile-first design and a fully responsive site. This approach matches the expectations of people who access their information from whatever device is handy where they are.

The design reduces some verbosity (although not quite as much as I would suggest) and leverages more text and visual hierarchy to aid new and returning visitors in orienting themselves.