Enhancing the Online and Offline Experience with Practice

  • Provide support for new Bzzagents at the start of their relationship with BzzAgent.com

  • Create a training opportunity by having agents practice typical campaign behavior

  • Stay top-of-mind with colorful magnets and brochures that arrive in the mail

My Contributions

  • Led the team in the creative development

  • Sketched brochure experience to provide direction for amount of content needed

  • Created user experience and activity types for online campaign

Sign Up and Disappear

Every day hundreds of people signed up to become BzzAgents. About half of those people never return to the site. The business needed to retain organic growth by keeping these new members active.

The Gap Between Online and Offline

I worked with my team to identify different ways to determine how to surprise and delight people and get them excited about Bzz after they signed up. We focused on one aspect - enhancing the overall sign up experience online and offline.

We bridged the online experience to develop an offline Welcome Kit that included a short, colorful brochure outlining the Bzz benefits and a useful magnet for the many coupons we include as part of the traditional campaign experience. We married this kit with an online Welcome Aboard practice campaign that allowed new agents to get a sense of what a traditional campaign would be. 

Model Behavior =  Success

The idea of Welcome Aboard was to model the behavior we wanted to see from agents - that they signed up, took surveys, and completed Welcome Aboard activities. New members found the experience and training to be helpful and fun. Members benefitted from the practice; agents who participated in Welcome Aboard joined more campaigns than the control group of agents. They also completed more activities in other campaigns (usually at least one more) than the control group. Attrition rates dropped significantly, and the program expanded as a best practice.