I am an experienced people manager and team leader. I'm also incredibly passionate about User Experience. I love talking about UX with people across the business from the C-level to interns. As a lover of collaboration, I bring heart, humor, and a level head to projects. 

I'm not a full-blown unicorn, but I can work up a little magic. 


My skills transfer easily across businesses. Things I learned from 6th graders reading maps helped me develop solutions for people making international wire transfers. 

I have more than 20 years of Internet product development experience across several industries including Financial Services, Education, and Retail and Consumer Products. 

Research With an Eye For Action

I employ several techniques to gather information from users including contextual inquiry, moderated and unmoderated testing, interviews, and surveys. This work informs persona development. The personas help me focus attention on specific user needs discovered during the research. I am also proficient providing expert reviews, gathering requirements, and supporting business goals. 

Information gathered from research helps to drive my design decisions when I develop IA, site maps, user flows, and interactions. 


Flexible Processes and Frameworks 

My UX design process includes (but isn't limited to) brainstorming, reviewing customer service logs and referral logs, joint-application design workshops, drawing sketches and whiteboarding, contextual inquiries, desirability studies, developing information architecture, building and testing personas, creating a content strategy, designing wireframes and creating mid-fidelity prototypes. And I test, revise, and validate along the way by employing techniques ranging from 5-second tests to full, in-person UX studies.